ALC Releases Report on Apartheid Policing in Pittsburgh, Calls for Defunding Police to pre-Peduto Levels

“Trotting out these tired, ineffective solutions in place of defunding is not a noble step towards change, but a manipulative attempt to feign compliance with activists’ demands while continuing to support police.” – Dolly Prabhu, ALC Staff Attorney. ALC drops new report on policing in Pittsburgh, highlighting glaring racial disparities in traffic stops, frisks, warrantless search and seizures, arrests, and use of force by the City’s police force – and their bloated budget which has increased by 60% under Mayor Bill Peduto.

Prisoners’ Rights Advocates File Lawsuit Against Allegheny County Jail for Sergeant Brutalizing Women with Disabilities

  December 2, 2020  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  CONTACT:  Jaclyn Kurin, Abolitionist Law Center, (703)-850-8914,  Alexandra Morgan-Kurtz, PA Institutional Law Project, (412) 434-6175  PITTSBURGH – The Abolit...

ALC Court Watch Releases First Court Watch Docket Report

The ALC Court Watch, launched by the Abolitionist Law Center in January 2020 to keep courts accountable through data collection and public reporting, has published its first Court Watch Docket Report. Examining a one-month period of municipal court docket information, the Report analyzes trends in arrests and bail decisions, highlighting the impact of police and judicial discretion. Notably, the vast racial disparities noted in the report lay bare an undeniable systemic of racial apartheid.

ALC, PILP and ACLU send letter to Allegheny County demanding COVID-19 testing and contact tracing after alarming reports and denied tests

November 24, 2020  John Bacharach, Esq.  Counsel for Defendants  RE: Graham v. Allegheny County  Dear Counsel,  We are writing in regard to recent reports of COVID-19 symptoms experienced by persons incarcerated in the Allegheny County Jail (ACJ). The reports ...

***UPDATE: This position has been filled*** PHILLY – ALC IS HIRING A RACIAL JUSTICE ORGANIZER!

Join ALC’s team of movement lawyers and abolitionist community organizers! To learn more about our staff and board members, click here. RACIAL JUSTICE ORGANIZER (Posted 11/18/20) Location: Philadelphia Reports to: Executive Director Job Type: Full time, $48,000 sala...

Prisoners’ Rights Advocates File Class Action Lawsuit Against Allegheny County Over Failed Mental Health Care System at ACJ.

The lawsuit alleges severe and systemic constitutional violations, as well as violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, for the jail’s failure to provide adequate mental health care and its discriminatory and brutal treatment of people with psychiatric disabilities.


The Abolitionist Law Center's Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has selected Robert Saleem Holbrook as the organization's next Executive Director.


Portland is not unique. Peduto's police are no different from Trump's gestapo. Peduto and the City of Pittsburgh allow their robocops to hide their identities and refuse to identify themselves to community members when asked. Peduto says he "opposes" Federal agents in Pittsburgh – which makes sens...

LDF and Co-Counsel File Lawsuit on Behalf of Black West Philadelphians Who Experienced Police Terror on May 31

Today, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF), the Abolitionist Law Center, and the law firm of Kairys, Rudovsky, Messing, Feinberg & Lin LLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of residents in a predominantly Black neighborhood in West Philadelphia, challenging the Philadelphia Police Department’s (PPD) excessive and unwarranted use of militaristic force during a peaceful protest.

People Serving Mandatory Life Without Parole Challenge Death-By-Incarceration Sentences as Cruel and Unconstitutional

July 8, 2020, Harrisburg, PA – Today, people in Pennsylvania serving Death-By-Incarceration sentences, commonly known as Life Without Parole, filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s prohibition on parole eligibility for those serving life sentences after convictions under the felony murder rule. In Pennsylvania, people convicted under that rule are mandatorily sentenced to life imprisonment, even though they did not take a life, or did not intend to take a life in the course of the crime. A separate provision of the law prohibits parole eligibility for any individual serving life.