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Shakaboona and Patricia Vickers

Comrade, client, and human rights activist Kerry ‘Shakaboona’ Marshall - imprisoned since age 17 - is free after more than 33 years! At approximately 10:30 am yesterday morning, Kerry ‘Shakaboona’ Marshall walked out of the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia and into the free world.

Lawsuit Challenging Death By Incarceration Goes Before PA Supreme Court

Oral argument in our historic lawsuit challenging the lifetime ban on parole for those who did not kill or intend to kill was heard by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday April 13.

Filed: McCray v Allegheny County

Represented by ALC, Clayton McCray of Pittsburgh is suing Allegheny County Jail Medical Director, med staff and former Deputy Warden, Laura Williams, after he endured prolonged neglect that led to amputation of his leg.

ALC March 2022 Newsletter

Check out our March 2022 newsletter highlighting our litigation to end DBI and push for abolitionist reforms that weaken the carceral state. Saleem reflects on his fourth year freedom anniversary, while Autumn and Walter give us the lowdown on “participatory defense”.

ALC celebrates nine years of abolitionist world-building with launch of web store

Over the past nine years, the scope of ALC’s work has grown tremendously: from a small movement lawyering firm in Pittsburgh to a statewide abolitionist project that uses litigation, community organizing, court watching (ALC Court Watch), and lobbying through our 501(c)(4) arm, Straight Ahead, to ...

Rest easy, and in power. Long live Russell Maroon Shoatz.

It is with overwhelming sadness, we join our communities in sharing this news. Our beloved friend, comrade, mentor, client, and inspiration, Russell Maroon Shoatz transitioned from this life on Earth today. After 49 years in prison, Maroon was finally released on October 26th. He passed away at h...

ALC pushes back against Pennsylvania’s SB 913 citing Senate’s failure to understand bill’s harm, further entrenching community members impacted by state punishment system

ALC Staff Attorney Dolly Prabhu calls for decarceral initiatives including abolishing use of probation detainers and prohibiting incarceration due to technical violations, poverty or homelessness


This has been a deeply inspiring, encouraging, and productive year in our shared fight for abolition at Straight Ahead and the Abolitionist Law Center. Over the last year we grew. We listened. We organized. And we fought and won. And now we need your help to keep the momentum going.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Weigh in on Death-By-Incarceration Lawsuit

HARRISBURG ‒ A lawsuit brought by six people serving mandatory Death-By-Incarceration sentences, commonly known as Life Without Parole, will go before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which will decide if a lawsuit challenging the practice can proceed. Represented by the Abolitionist Law Center, Amistad Law Project, and Center for Constitutional Rights, they seek an end to the prohibition on parole for those serving life sentences under the state’s felony murder rule.

New Full-Time and Contracted Positions Added for PGH/Allegheny County! Disability Justice Advocate, Community Organizer, and Project Manager

⭐ We're hiring! Help us grow our movements against state violence and build community power in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County! We are seeking a passionate part-time contracted Disability Justice Advocate, a full-time experienced Community Organizer, and a tech-savvy Project Manager to maintain an...