Democracy Now! Profiles Aging Political Prisoners

Democracy Now! recently broadcast a program dealing with aging political prisoners, and the elderly prison population more generally. The program specifically discussed the cases of Lynne Stewart, the Angola 3, Seth Hayes, Russell ‘Maroon’ Shoatz, and Oscar López Rivera. Videos of the program are embedded below, and a transcript of the discussion can be found here.

Time for Compassion? Aging Political Prisoners Suffer From Illness, Long Solitary Confinement

Part 1:

Part 2:

“If the Risk Is Low, Let Them Go”: Elderly Prison Population Skyrockets Despite Low Risk to Society

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  1. The man I love is dying a cruel and painful death in a VADOC facility. He has had Hep C on his medical record for years-in custody. No treatment. He now has stage 4 liver cancer, prognosis is now 5-6 months to death. Still no treatment-except laxatives and water retention medication. And motrin –for stage 4 cancer pain. An oncologist yesterday-the first and only he has seen said- Too late for any treatment. And asked, why have we not seen you before this prognosis? It’s a damn good question! And cruel act of indifference- to a life.

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