Our Work

ALC’s work addresses police brutality, excessive sentencing including death by incarceration (life without parole), solitary and other extreme conditions of confinement, Americans with Disabilities Act violations, medical neglect and toxic environmental conditions in prisons and jails, unconstitutional probation practices, judicial bias and misconduct, the needs of harm survivors, equitable access to the democratic process, and more.

  • We divert people from and get people out of prison and jail, and we advocate for incarcerated people (especially the most vulnerable like those with mental illness and other disabilities) from abuse and neglect.
  • We extract money from the criminal legal system’s institutions including police departments, jails, and prisons, and redistribute it to people the system has harmed.
  • We organize and mobilize community members to exert pressure on the criminal legal system’s institutions, policy makers, and leaders.
  • We collect and publish data and policy recommendations and reshape public narratives related to the criminal legal system and public safety.
  • And we strengthen marginalized communities’ access to democratic institutions.