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ALC August 2021 Newsletter

Check out our August newsletter detailing new tactics and bold steps in the journey toward liberation. Hear from Saleem, Avis, and Josh, plus big news in the struggle against solitary confinement.

ALC and Survivor of Solitary Confinement Release Video of Brutal Assault by ACJ Sergeant and Officers

ALC and client Kim Andrews, a survivor of 150+ days of solitary confinement, have released footage of a 2019 attack on Andrews by Sergeant Alyssia Tucker that took place at ACJ on May 31st of that year.

Welcome ALC's New Philly Staff Attorneys, Nia and Rupalee!

Nia Holston (left) and Rupalee Rashatwar (right) NIA HOLSTON was born and raised in and around Philly, she is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania. She graduated from New York University School of Law, where she was a Root-Tilden-Kern public interest scholar, participated in civil rights and y...

ALC Court Watch Releases Docket Report #02

ALC's Court Watch Program has released their second docket report, illuminating the maintenance of racial apartheid thru arrest and cash bail in Allegheny County. The group demands the end of police sovereignty and pushes for pre-trial freedom and open courts.