CP Jail Watch: Freezing on pod 3B, medication expanded, causes of death unveiled

Pittsburgh City Paper, 11/30/22: ” Allegheny County Jail News | FREEZING WEEKEND

The Abolitionist Law Center last week published a letter signed by 60 individuals incarcerated at the Allegheny County Jail complaining that their entire pod was without heat.

‘We have to wear double clothing to keep warm, especially in the cell where some of them you can actually see your own breath. People are walking around shivering, and it’s causing people to be out of character and irritable and also causes health concerns,’ reads the Nov. 23 letter.

It also alleges further issues with sanitation and food service at the jail. The full letter, minus the signatures, can be read below.

Jail spokesperson Jesse Geleynse tweeted on Nov. 23 that incarcerated individuals and correctional officers reported the heating problem that day, and it was fixed by Tuesday. During the time the heat was out, low temperatures reached 21 °F.

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