March 2024 Newsletter

March has been a monumental month here at ALC! We’ve made some tremendous progress on our core campaigns:

  • ALLEGHENY COUNTY JAIL:  A settlement filed on March 19 stands to bring sweeping changes to mental health care and staffing
  • SOLITARY CONFINEMENT: historic filing and first-ever PA Senate hearing on the issue
  • DEFENDING DEMOCRACY: We joined the ACLU’s amicus brief challenging the constitutionality of ACT 40
  • DEATH BY INCARCERATION: Our movement received more national press coverage as we prepare for the PA Supreme Court this fall

In addition to all of that, a significant development has occurred in one of our solidarity campaigns to halt the construction of a new federal prison. Keep reading for ways to take action and add your voice to the ever-louder chorus demanding investment in communities instead of prisons.

Finally, we’ve spent much of the month planning activities for Second Chances Month with our movement family. This nationally recognized month highlights a core tenet of our movement every April. Second Chances elevate the importance of redemption, respect, dignity, and the inherent worth of every human being. Living these beliefs out loud and in practice creates the path to building safe, thriving, inclusive communities for all.

Read more about the moves our movement is making!