Her fiancé has been in prison for 49 years. She’s hoping for a day when they can truly be together

CNN, 04/24/24: “She was lying in bed on a Thursday morning, thinking about the man she loved, hoping to win his freedom before time ran out.

‘Alexa,’ she said, ‘play Christine and Ezra’s Playlist.’

The sounds of Motown filled her bedroom, in a condo near Philadelphia, as Christine Roess took a rest from a long and excruciating battle. Smokey Robinson gave way to Van Morrison, who sang the first lines of ‘Crazy Love.’

I can hear her heartbeat

From a thousand miles

Ezra Bozeman was about 230 miles away, across the mountains toward Pittsburgh, imprisoned as he’d been for the vast majority of his 68 years. Dozens of friends and at least seven state lawmakers had joined a frantic effort to set him free. Given his fragile condition, they worried he could die any day.

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