May 7: Rally & People’s Press Conference for Spence

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 | 4:00 pm
District Attorney’s Office
3 S. Penn Square, Philadelphia, PA

On January 26th, Alexander Spencer was tragically murdered by two Philadelphia Police Department officers during a stop-and-frisk. In the days following, District Attorney Larry Krasner told the Spencer family they would need to wait 90 days before receiving any further information. Although April 30th marked the passing of those 90 days, neither the Spencer family nor the community have heard anything from the DAO.

In response to Krasner’s silence, The Black Alliance for Peace Philadelphia, Party for Socialism & Liberation, ANSWER Coalition, and ALC are holding our own press conference to demand police accountability now. When PPD officers like Raheem Hall are emboldened to murder within seconds, Philadelphians shouldn’t have to wait months for answers.