War Cries

The Abolitionist Law Center is throwing a fundraiser at the Bricolage Theatre in downtown Pittsburgh. Join us for a night of poetry, song, hip-hop, and prison abolition, with Joy KMT, Blak Rapp Madusa, Jacquea Mae, Russell Shoatz III and more!

Institutionalized Cruelty

Institutionalized Cruelty, a film by James Tedrow, discusses the abuse of solitary confinement in the Pennsylvania prison system, as documented by Human Rights Coalition investigations. The film includes video of the cell extraction of Carrington Keyes, a member of the Dallas 6, as well as discussing the death of John Carter during a cell extraction, […]


ALC Attorney, Bret Grote, was recently interviewed on Law and Disorder Radio about the release of Russell Maroon Shoatz after 22 consecutive years in solitary confinement. More from the producers of Law and Disorder Radio: Here on Law and Disorder we’ve been keeping you updated on the campaign to release Russell “Maroon” Shoatz from solitary […]

Maroon Released from Solitary: What’s Next? The litigation on behalf of Russell Maroon Shoatz is still active. The Abolitionist Law Center and the rest of Maroon’s legal team will continue our work on his behalf, until we are assured that he cannot be placed back into solitary confinement at the arbitrary whim of prison officials. […]

Maroon after his release from solitary confinement

February 20, 2014: Pittsburgh PA —  Russell Maroon Shoatz was released from solitary confinement into the general prison population at State Correctional Institution (SCI) Graterford this morning, ending more than 22 consecutive years in solitary confinement. The news was confirmed by Maroon during a legal call with an attorney from the Abolitionist Law Center. Maroon’s […]

Originally posted on Prison Radio Show:
Note: There were technical problems throughout the show which you will no doubt notice. Unfortunately we were unable to resolve this issue at the time. However the content of the interviews is very interesting and we hope that you’ll have a listen. We aired a couple of commentaries by…


by Doran Larson In 1841, George Thompson, an American abolitionist held in a Missouri jail with his comrades for attempting to accompany slaves into freedom, wrote, “In my journal, I recorded for all.” Every writer in prison does as much. No word spoken or written, no occasional thought, no experience that passes inside a prison […]

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. Representatives from the Abolitionist Law Center joined JURIST podcast moderator Ian Everhart to discuss their efforts at reform in the Pennsylvania criminal justice and prison system in this episode. ALC Executive Director Bret Grote and ALC staff attorney Dustin McDaniel shared information about their organization, the mission of which is to abolish “class and […]


MEDIA RELEASE: Federal court rules litigation can proceed in Shoatz v. Wetzel Defendants’ motion to dismiss denied on all counts January 27, 2014: Pittsburgh PA —  On Monday, January 27, United States District Magistrate for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Cynthia Reed Eddy, issued a decision denying defendants’ motion to dismiss in the case of Shoatz […]

We believe that prolonged solitary confinement is one of the most severe human rights abuses inside the prison walls. We are working to put an end to it by advocating for the release of those who have been in solitary confinement for the longest, and by educating the public more generally about these human rights abuses. Donations to this fundraising campaign will help us accomplish these goals. Specifically, raised funds will be used to pursue Russell Maroon Shoatz and Arthur Johnson’s cases, and to further educate the public about the use of solitary confinement in prisons.


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